Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin

Skill Level Item 1 Item 2 Result Skill Book Type Comments
Crafting1Magic TuskRopeTusk BeltBeltBody Building +1
Crafting1Magic SkullRopeSkull BeltBeltConstitution +1 or +2
Crafting1Magical Sharp ClawRopeSharp Claw BeltBeltStrength +1 or 2 and bonus Sight
Crafting1Magic Rabbit's PawRopeRabbit's Paw BeltBeltLucky Charm +1
Crafting1Magic FeatherRopeFeather BeltBeltInitiative +1
Crafting1Magical Fancy FeatherRopeFancy Feather BeltBeltInitiative +1 and bonus HP
Crafting1Magic ClawRopeClaw BeltBeltStrength +1 or +2
Crafting1Magical Ancient Human SkullRopeAncient Skull BeltBeltConstitution +1 or +2 and Earth Resistance
Crafting2Magic ToothRopeTooth BeltBeltCharisma +1
Crafting2Magical Sharp ToothRopeSharp Tooth BeltBeltCharisma +1
Fire Resistance
Crafting2Magic Rat's TailRopeRat Tail BeltBeltPoison Resistance
Crafting2Magical Long Rat TailRopeLong Rat Tail BeltBeltPoison Resistance
Crafting2Magic Chicken FootRopeChicken BeltBeltInitiative +1
Crafting2Magical Big Chicken FootRopeBig Chicken Claw BeltBeltInitiative +2