Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin

Skill Level Item 1 Item 2 Result Skill Book Type Comments
Blacksmithing1Iron OreFurnaceIron BarIngredient
Blacksmithing1ShortswordFurnaceIron BarIngredient
Blacksmithing1Large Iron BarFurnaceLarge Steel BarIngredient
Blacksmithing1Two Handed AxeFurnaceLarge Steel BarIngredient
Blacksmithing1Iron BarFurnaceSteel BarHe Who Smelts It IVIngredient
Blacksmithing1Hand AxeFurnaceSteel BarIngredient
Blacksmithing4Tenebrium OreFurnaceTenebrium BarIngredient
Crafting0SinewSinewBowstringThe String Enthusiast IIngredient
Crafting0Magic SkullMortar and PestleBonedustIngredient
Crafting1Animal HideKnifeLeather ScrapsIngredient
Crafting1AntlerPixie DustMagic AntlerIngredient
Crafting1Chicken FootPixie DustMagic Chicken FootIngredient
Crafting1ClawPixie DustMagic ClawIngredient
Crafting1EyePixie DustMagic EyeIngredient
Crafting1FeatherPixie DustMagic FeatherIngredient
Crafting1Needle and ThreadPixie DustMagic Needle and ThreadIngredient
Crafting1Rabbit's PawPixie DustMagic Rabbit's PawSecrets of the Scroll IIIIngredient
Crafting1SkullPixie DustMagic SkullIngredientAncient human skull is more powerful
Crafting1StarfishPixie DustMagic StarfishIngredient
Crafting1TuskPixie DustMagic TuskIngredient
Crafting1Adult AntlerPixie DustMagical Adult AntlerIngredient
Crafting1Ancient Human SkullPixie DustMagical Ancient Human SkullIngredient
Crafting1Big Chicken FootPixie DustMagical Big Chicken FootIngredient
Crafting1Creepy EyePixie DustMagical Creepy EyeIngredient
Crafting1Fancy FeatherPixie DustMagical Fancy FeatherIngredient
Crafting1StarfishPixie DustMagical Glowing StarfishIngredientStarfish base price 51 gold
Crafting1Large TuskPixie DustMagical Large TuskIngredient
Crafting1Lucky Rabbit PawPixie DustMagical Lucky Rabbit PawIngredient
Crafting1Sharp ClawPixie DustMagical Sharp ClawIngredient
Crafting2Iron BarBranchCrossbow Without a BowstringThe String Enthusiast IIngredientUsed in making a crossbow. Requires Bowstring.
Crafting2Rat's TailPixie DustMagic Rat's TailIngredient
Crafting2ToothPixie DustMagic ToothIngredient
Crafting2Long Rat TailPixie DustMagical Long Rat TailIngredient
Crafting2Sharp ToothPixie DustMagical Sharp ToothIngredient
None0BranchKnifeArrow Shaft (x3)IngredientCrafting and Cooking with Maradino
None0BoneMortar and PestleBonedustSecrets of the Scroll IIngredient
None0SkullMortar and PestleBonedustSecrets of the Scroll IIngredient
None0Magic Ancient Human SkullMortar and PestleBonedustIngredient
None0LogHand AxeWood Chips + Branch (x2)The Adventurer's Field Guide VIngredientHand axe not lost
None0BucketCowBucket with MilkPet Pal (talent)IngredientBucket in inventory, speak to cow using Pet Pal
None0BucketWellBucket of WaterIngredient
None0BucketBarrel (Water)Bucket of WaterIngredient
None0Empty CupBarrel (Oil)Cup of OilIngredient
None0Empty MugBarrel (Oil)Cup of OilIngredient
None0WheatMortar and PestleFlourPatty Cake, Patty Cake IIIngredient
None0Wooden FigurineNeedleInert Voodoo DollIngredient
None0Ink PotQuillInk Pot and QuillSecrets of the Scroll IVIngredient
None0Iron BarIron BarLarge Iron BarIngredient
None0Two Handed SwordFurnaceLarge Iron BarIngredient
None0MoonstoneMortar and PestleMoondustSecrets of the Scroll IIIngredient
None0Wood ChipsWater SourceMush of WoodSecrets of the Scroll VIIngredient
None0Wood ChipsBucket with WaterMush of Wood + BucketIngredient
None0NeedleThreadNeedle and ThreadIngredient
None0VeinPickaxeOreIngredientVarious types of veins
None0BonedustStardustPixie DustSecrets of the Scroll IIIngredient
None0MoondustStardustPixie DustSecrets of the Scroll IIIngredient
None0FeatherKnife or DaggerQuillSecrets of the Scroll IVIngredient
None0YarnYarnRopeThe Adventurer's Field Guide XVIIIngredient
None0Sack of BarleyMillSack of GristThe Art of WhiskeyIngredientQuest: Distill my heart
None0Mush of WoodFurnaceSheet of PaperSecrets of the Scroll VIIngredient
None0WortPot StillSpiritIngredientQuest: Distill my heart
None0Stardust HerbMortar and PestleStardustSecrets of the Scroll IIIngredient
None0HairHairThreadThe Adventurer's Field Guide XIXIngredient
None0Cloth ScrapsThreadWooden FigurineIngredient
None0ShearsSheepWoolPet Pal (talent)IngredientTalk to sheep
None0Sack of GristBucket with WaterWortIngredientQuest: Distill my heart
None0WoolWoolYarnThe Adventurer's Field Guide XVIIIngredient
None0Orc HornMortar and PestleBonedustSecrets of the Scroll IIngredient