Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin

Skill Level Item 1 Item 2 Result Skill Book Type Comments
Crafting2Lucky Rabbit Paw Super AmuletJeweller's Kit: RingLucky Rabbit Paw Super RingRingSpeed bonus and Movement bonus
Crafting2Lucky Rabbits Paw AmuletJeweller's Kit: RingLucky Rabbit's Paw RingRingSpeed bonus and Movement bonus
Crafting2Magic Chicken FootJeweller's Kit: RingChicken RingRingMovement bonus
Crafting2Magic ClawJeweller's Kit: RingClaw RingRingConstitution bonus
Crafting2Magic FeatherJeweller's Kit: RingFeather RingRingTelekenesis +1
Crafting2Magic Rabbit's PawJeweller's Kit: RingRabbit's Paw RingRingSpeed bonus
Crafting2Magic Rat's TailJeweller's Kit: RingRat Tail RingRingPoison Resistance - scales to level
Crafting2Magic SkullJeweller's Kit: RingSkull RingRingConstitution bonus - scales to level
Crafting2Magic ToothJeweller's Kit: RingTooth RingRingCharisma +1
Crafting2Magic TuskJeweller's Kit: RingTusk RingRingPoison Resistance
Crafting2Magical Ancient Human SkullJeweller's Kit: RingAncient Skull RingRingConstitution or Earth resistance
Crafting2Magical Big Chicken FootJeweller's Kit: RingBig Chicken Claw RingRingMovement bonus
Crafting2Magical Fancy FeatherJeweller's Kit: RingFancy Feather RingRingTelekenesis or HP bonus
Crafting2Magical Large TuskJeweller's Kit: RingLarge Tusk RingRingIntelligence bonus and Air/Poison resistance
Crafting2Magical Long Rat TailJeweller's Kit: RingLong Rat Tail RingRingPoison Resistance - scales to level
Crafting2Magical Lucky Rabbit PawJeweller's Kit: RingLucky Rabbit Paw RingRingSpeed bonus and Movement bonus
Crafting2Magical Sharp ClawJeweller's Kit: RingSharp Claw RingRingConstitution bonus and Sight bonus
Crafting2Magical Sharp ToothJeweller's Kit: RingSharp Tooth RingRingCharisma +1
Fire Resistance