Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin

Skill Level Item 1 Item 2 Result Skill Book Type Comments
None0Blossius's WillInk Pot and QuillBlossius's Adapted WillTool
None0Blossius's WillMagic Ink Pot and QuillBlossius's Adapted WillTool
None0Washing TubWashboardWashing Tub with a WashboardTool
Crafting1Ink Pot and QuillPixie DustMagic Ink Pot and QuillTool
Crafting1Leather ScrapsRopeBackpackTool
Crafting1Cooking PotCampfireMobile KitchenToolCannot be picked up
Crafting2SoapKeyLockpicksToolDrag soap from ground to a key in bag
Crafting3Nine Inch NailsHammerLockpicks (x4)Tool