Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin

Skill Level Item 1 Item 2 Result Skill Book Type Comments
Blacksmithing1Steel BarAnvilAxeWeaponBS5 - bonus Crit, max AP, Damage bonus
Blacksmithing1KnifeAnvilDaggerWeaponBS5 - Dexterity, Lucky Charm, Max AP, or Speed
Blacksmithing1Iron BarAnvilSwordWeaponBS5 - Damage or Crit bonus
Blacksmithing1Large Iron BarAnvilTwo-Handed SwordWeaponBS5 - Damage or Strength
Blacksmithing2Large Steel BarAnvilTwo-Handed AxeWeaponBS5 - Damage or Crit bonus
Crafting2Crossbow without a BowstringBowstringCrossbowWeaponCR5 - Crit, Damage, or Dexterity bonus
Crafting1BowstringBranchBowWeaponCR5 - bonus Dexterity, Max AP, or Speed bonus
None0Nine Inch NailsBranchNail-Fortified BranchWeapon
Crafting2BranchBranchStaffWeaponCR3 - Lucky Charm
CR5 - Intel, Lucky Charm, Max AP
Crafting1BranchDaggerSpearWeaponCR5 - bonus Crit or Damage
None0Bottle of Swirling MudFiery HeartSword of PlanetsWeaponFire Damage
All Elemental Resist
Chance to set burning status
None0LogKnife or DaggerWooden StakeWeapon
Crafting2Buffalo AmuletOld SabreBuffalo SabreWeaponDamage and Strength bonus
Crafting1Inert Voodoo DollPixie DustVoodoo DollWeaponCR3 - 20% chance
CR4 - 40% chance
CR5 - 75% chance to set bleeding
Crafting5BranchTenebrium OreShambling Oak Death WandWeaponkills Shambling Oaks