Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin


Divinity Crafting Questions and Help

Crafting in Divinity: Original Sin is simple, you drag and drop one item onto another item. If the items can be combined, they will create a new item. That being said, there are a lot of small tips that will make crafting easier.

How do I craft an item?

Drag and drop one item onto another in your inventory or the environment. If they can be combined, a new item is created.

Are the ingredients always destroyed?

No. Most of the time the original items will no longer exist in your inventory, however, if you use a non-destructable item in a combination (Hammer + Tomato, Axe + Log) the hammer or axe will not be destroyed and will remain in your inventory.

Where do I learn recipes?

To unlock the ability to craft specific recipes you only need to read the required skill book. Individual recipes do not exist.

Do I need to keep skill books in my inventory?

No. Read them first, then sell them.

Who should I make my crafting character?

Probably a side companion, Jahan is my choice.