Divinity: Original Sin - Crafting Recipes and Guide

List of crafting items and crafting recipes for Divinity Original Sin

Skill Level Item 1 Item 2 Result Skill Book Type Comments
None0Bottle of Swirling MudFiery HeartSword of PlanetsWeaponFire Damage
All Elemental Resist
Chance to set burning status
Crafting1BowstringBranchBowWeaponCR5 - bonus Dexterity, Max AP, or Speed bonus
Crafting5BranchTenebrium OreShambling Oak Death WandWeaponkills Shambling Oaks
Crafting1BranchDaggerSpearWeaponCR5 - bonus Crit or Damage
Crafting2BranchBranchStaffWeaponCR3 - Lucky Charm
CR5 - Intel, Lucky Charm, Max AP
Crafting2Buffalo AmuletOld SabreBuffalo SabreWeaponDamage and Strength bonus
Crafting2Crossbow without a BowstringBowstringCrossbowWeaponCR5 - Crit, Damage, or Dexterity bonus
Crafting1Inert Voodoo DollPixie DustVoodoo DollWeaponCR3 - 20% chance
CR4 - 40% chance
CR5 - 75% chance to set bleeding
Blacksmithing1Iron BarAnvilSwordWeaponBS5 - Damage or Crit bonus
Blacksmithing1KnifeAnvilDaggerWeaponBS5 - Dexterity, Lucky Charm, Max AP, or Speed
Blacksmithing1Large Iron BarAnvilTwo-Handed SwordWeaponBS5 - Damage or Strength
Blacksmithing2Large Steel BarAnvilTwo-Handed AxeWeaponBS5 - Damage or Crit bonus
None0LogKnife or DaggerWooden StakeWeapon
None0Nine Inch NailsBranchNail-Fortified BranchWeapon
Blacksmithing1Steel BarAnvilAxeWeaponBS5 - bonus Crit, max AP, Damage bonus